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Cylinders and Tanks

DOT Cylinders for LP-Gas

DOT Cylinders

Suffix "X" indicates the valve is the "NEW" 1-5/16" ACME valve with quick disconnect and OPD.

Suffix "GX" indicates float gauge is included.

Water Capacity Weight Valve Part #
1.2 gal. 5 lbs. ACME C1X
2 gal. 10 lbs. C2X
3.2 gal. 11 lbs. C3X
5.5 gal. 20 lbs. C5X
8.3 gal. 30 lbs. C7X
10.5 gal. 40 lbs. C10X
5.5 gal. 20 lbs. Hansen C5QDX
5.5 gal. 20 lbs. ACME C5GX
8.3 gal. 30 lbs. C7GX
10.5 gal. 40 lbs. C10GX
12.5 gal. 50 lbs. POL TR050
14.3 gal. 60 lbs. TR060
23.8 gal. 100 lbs. TR100

Cylinder Caps and Collars

Cylinder Cap

Designed to protect 60 or 100 lb. cylinders from valve damage as a result of rough handling or other hazards.

Description Part #
Cylinder Cap 3-1/2" CC100
Oxygen Cap 3-1/8" x 11" TPI CC110
Cylinder Collar 3-1/2"
(Can also be used on multi-valve.)

Tank Brackets

Tank Bracket
Description Part #
33-1/2" x 43-1/2" Heavy Duty Cylinder Bracket TB2
20lb. Vertical Heavy Duty Cylinder Bracket TB3
Heavy Duty Cylinder Bracket Latch Assembly TB260

DOT Aluminum Forklift Cylinders

DOT Aluminum Forklift Cylinders

Aluminum Fork Lift Cylinders are designed for vertical or horizontal use and have a universal sight gauge. The lighter handling and smooth hand holds increase efficiency.

Description Part #
20 lb. 1-3/4" ACME Fill, Universal SG 9285
33.5 lb. 1-3/4" ACME Fill, Universal SG 9315
43 lb. 1-3/4" ACME Fill, Universal SG 9162

DOT Steel 420 lbs. 100 Gallon Cylinder

DOT Steel 420lb 100gal Cylinder

420 lb. DOT Vertical with Gauge 4BW240

Capacity Water Cap Tare WT Part #
95.9 gal. 1000 lbs. 278 lbs. 1499TC.11HL

DOT Steel Forklift Cylinders

DOT Steel Forklift Cylinders

DOT Forklift Cylinders are the only UL listed containers available for fork lift and material handling trucks. These cylinders are light-weight, extra strong, mig-welded and have an easy carrying handle.

Description Part #
20 lb. Uniline with Fill Valve 5560
33.5 lb. Uniline with Fill Valve 5580
43.5 lb. Uniline with Fill Valve 5595